Fluorographene – The Youngest Member of Graphene Family

Page: 335

M. Pykal, R. Zbořil, and M. Otyepka

Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc

Keywords: derivative, functionalization, graphene, fluorographene, graphene fluoride, reactivity, properties


Discovery of two-dimensional (2D) materials caused a revolution in nanomaterial science. Nowadays the 2D materials constitute an integral part of material chemistry but they are still in the process of dramatic development. In 2010, fluorographene (graphene fluoride) extended the family of 2D materials and is now considered as the thinnest known insulator with a band gap as large as 8 eV. For a long time, fluorographene was considered as an unreactive 2D counterpart of teflon®. However, recent studies show that fluorographene can react with numerous reagents yielding interesting new graphene derivatives. Intensive experimental and theoretical effort is paid to a comprehension of properties and reactivity of this chemical structure. If we succeed in controlling the chemical behavior of this material, fluorographene may become a rising star of future material research.


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