Issue 10 (October)


Chvála velkých kongresů

Page: 549

V. Pačes

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Chemical and Physical Modification of Cellulosic Biomaterials

Page: 614

V. Vosmanská, K. Kolářová, M. Pišlová, and V. Švorčík

Department of Solid State Engineering, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Keywords: biomaterials, cellulose, chemical modification, physical modification, biofunctionalization, antibacterial properties, silver

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Texture Analysis as a Modern Approach to Evaluate Dosage Forms and Medical Devices

Page: 622

V. Pechová, J. Gajdziok, and D. Vetchý

Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno

Keywords: texture analysis, texture analyzer, mechanical properties, geometrical characteristics, surface properties, pharmaceutical industry, medical devices

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Petroleomics: Theoretical Background and Applications to Characterize Petroleum Fractions and Biofuels

Page: 628

M. Staš aand J. Chudoba b

aDepartment of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels, bCentral Laboratories, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Keywords: petroleomics, high-resolution mass spectrometry, petroleum fractions, biofuels

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Quorum Sensing in Relation to Microbial Virulence

Page: 637

M. Paldrychová, E. Kvasničková, O. Maťátková, and J. Masák

Department of Biotechnology, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Keywords: quorum sensing, signal molecules, antibiotic resistance, virulence

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The Colour Clocks – Light Exposition Dosimeter Using Chemical Principles

Page: 644

P. Klusoň a,b, P. Dzik c, M. Veselý c, L. Kubáč d, J. Akrman d, V. Wertzová e, K. Ettler e, and T. Obr f

aInstitute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; bInstitute for Environment, Faculty of Nature Science, Charles University in Prague, cFaculty of Chemistry, Technical University in Brno; dCOC Pardubice; eFaculty of Medicine of Charles University in Hradec Králové, fInvos Svárov, Svárov

Keywords: light sensitive films, photochemical reactions, light induced color change, UV light, exposition dosimeter

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Not Just a Branch, but the Blossom of the Tree of Knowledge: The Rise – and Blossoming – of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Page: 654

B. Friedrich

Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin

Keywords: history of chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, quantum computing

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Determination of Fluoride in Water Solutions by High-Resolution Molecular Absorption Spectrometry

Page: 663

Ľ. Machyňák, E. Beinrohr, M. Němeček, and F. Čacho

Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, STU Bratislava

Keywords: fluorides, mineral water, molecular absorption spectrometry

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Multilayer Films of Cerium Doped TiO 2for Photocatalytic Reduction of CO 2

Page: 667

M. Reli a, P. Huo a, I. Troppová a, L. Matějová a, Z. Matěj b, S. Daniš b, L. Obalová a, and K. Kočí a

aInstitute of Environment Technology, VŠB-TU Ostrava, bDepartment of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague

Keywords: photocatalysis, carbon dioxide, titanium dioxide, cerium, thin films

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Chemistry

Page: 673

R. Chalupa a,band K. Nesměrák c

aDepartment of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry, Charles University, Prague, bRCC Europe, Ltd, Prague, cDepartment of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague

Keywords: didactics, Goethe, history, chemophobia, literature

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Chemicke Listy in 2017

Page: 683

B. Kratochvíl

Department of Solid State Chemistry, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

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Practical Grammar School-Leaving Exam (GCSE) in Chemistry

Page: 689

P. Koloros

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How to evaluate the quality and research productivity at universities ?

Page: 692

J. Málek

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