Optimalizace přípravy heterogenní aniontově výměnné membrány na bázi polypropylenu

  • K. Weinertová MemBrain s.r.o., Stráž pod Ralskem
  • E. Stránská MemBrain s.r.o., Stráž pod Ralskem
  • D. Neděla MemBrain s.r.o., Stráž pod Ralskem
  • J. Křivčík MemBrain s.r.o., Stráž pod Ralskem
Klíčová slova: iontově výměnná membrána, polypropylen, distribuce velikosti částic


Commercially available heterogeneous ion exchange membranes are often based on various types of polyethylene matrix, while the use of polypropylene based matrix has only rarely been mentioned in the literature. The objective of this paper was to optimize the composition of heterogeneous anion exchange membranes based on polypropylene random copolymer using varying content and particle size distribution of anion exchange resin. With respect to the type of polypropylene matrix, we observed significant differences in membrane thickness, water content, and specific resistance. The resulted membranes had better specific resistance than commercially available heterogeneous membranes at lower water content.