Příprava nenamrzajících povrchů

Klíčová slova: materiály, povrchová modifikace, mrazuodolnost, hydrofobicita


In this paper, various methods to produce hydrophobic/icephobic surfaces are discussed. In principle, all methods show the importance of the surface microstructure which can be changed either by covering the substrate with additional layers of different materials, or by etching techniques such as the electrochemical one. In addition to that, the chemical modification of the surfaces with fluoride-containing compounds or with other compounds was studied, as well as the methods to characterize these surfaces and functionality. Also, the latest trends in scaling and evaluating the icephobicity and stability were demonstrated and some of the state-of-art results were presented.

Jak citovat
Idriss, H., Kolská, Z., Lyutakov, O. a Švorčík, V. 2021. Příprava nenamrzajících povrchů. Chemické listy. 115, 11 (lis. 2021), 609-614.

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