Determination of Fural in Beer by Continuous Flow Analysis

  • P. Košin Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague,
  • J. Šavel Budějovický Budvar Co., České Budějovice,
  • K. Pazourek Carbon Instruments Ltd., Prague
  • A. Brož Budějovický Budvar Co., České Budějovice,


The title method was optimized for the determination of fural in beer and intermediates in beer production. This method is robust and selective enough to serve for evalu¬ation of the degree of beer ageing. Contrary to chromato¬graphic or classic methods the above method has an advantage of high throughput; ca. 30 samples can be measured in an hour. Another advantage is that the hard¬ware needed for fural determination is the same as that for biacetyl analysis, common equipment of modern brewery laboratories.