Determination of Serum Concentration of Gene Reg-Iα Product by a New ELISA Method

  • D. Stejskal Department of Laboratory Medicine, Šternberk Hospital, Šternberk,
  • M. Karpíšek Pharmaceutical and Veterinary University, Brno,
  • H. Reutová Biovendor Brno


In recent few years several papers have dealt with the need for a new sensitive test for myocardial ischemia, which would allow an early and efficient therapeutic intervention. A promising laboratory marker seems to be serum Reg-Iα???n?ELISA method for the Reg-Iα determination in serum is described and validated and its diagnostic utility is discussed. However, the serum Reg-Iα values in individuals with metabolic syndrome and latent or acute myocardial ischemia did not significantly differ from those in healthy people. First results of clinical testing did not confirm the hypotheses on the use of this serum parameter for diagnosis of acute myocardial or metabolic syndromes.