Přehled barviv a látek různých chutí z přírodních zdrojů

  • P. Drašar Ústav chemie přírodních látek, Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze, Praha
Klíčová slova: sekundární metabolity, obnovitelné zdroje, přírodní látky, barva, chuť


Nature provides us with inexhaustible variety of secondary metabolites that have as one of their observable properties different taste or colour. For the purpose of public education and also general information an initiative of the editors and collaborators of the Chemické listy journal resulted in a series of brief review articles on the topic of natural colours and flavours that the editors decided to publish in electronic book form as the first chemical "e-journalbook" (electronic book consisting of journal articles) in Czech.

Chemistry of secondary metabolites provides many lessons that can be a source of information for modern food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries i.a. This modest treatise, along with a number of cited papers in the Chemické listy journal dare to be not only a reminder of this importance but also a source of knowledge for both chemical and nonchemical public.