Protection of the Ozone Layer of Earth in the Czech Republic

  • V. Rehacek Techem, Prague


As a signatory of Montreal Protocoll and of its amendments the Czech Republic accepted pertinent legislation ( Law No 86-1995) which includes the regulating rules for the production and consumption of substances depleting the ozone layer. These are comparable to the above-mentioned international documents. In the years between 1986 and 1996 the production and consumption of fully halogenated chlorofluorohydrocarbons (CFC), of tetrachlormethane and methylchloroform was lowered in accordance with the protocoll resulting finally in their full exclusion. In addition to other branches of economy a considerable activity could be also observed in the chemical industry in searching for subtitutes of propelling gases in aerosol products and in preparing capacities for regeneration and recyclization of applied refrigerating media.