Štúdium molten globulárneho stavu cytochrómu c pomocou viskozimetrie

  • M. Stupák Ústav lekárskej a klinickej biochémie UPJŠ LF a LABMED, a.s., Košice, Slovensko
  • M. Antalík Katedra biochémie UPJŠ PF, Košice, Slovensko | Oddelenie biofyziky ÚEF SAV, Košice, Slovensko
Klíčová slova: molten globulárny, cytochróm c, viskozimeter


Combination of viscometry and CD spectrometry made it possible to suggest the existence of a new conformational state of cytochrome c at high temperatures and ionic strengths. The molten globule state of cytochrome c was found at acidic pH in the presence of high concentrations of a salt at 20 °C. A low-cooperative conformational change of the cytochrome c to the unfolded state was observed with increasing temperature. Viscometry is a suitable tool for studies of similar processes in biomacromolecules.