Je homeopatie vědní disciplínou?

  • A. Franc Ústav technologie léků, Farmaceutická fakulta, Veterinární a farmaceutická univerzita Brno, Brno
  • V. Bíba Advokátní kancelář JUDr. PharmDr. Vladimír Bíba, Praha
Klíčová slova: homeopatie, věda, klinické studie, okultismus


Homeopathy is the most common method of alternative medicine. Homeopathic remedies can be found in pharmacies, hospitals and in praxes of many healers. Homeopathy is taught at universities, e.g. at both of the Czech phharmaceutical faculties. However, its spiritual origin (mostly in gnosis, astrology and alchemy), the results of clinical trials and many internal contradictions are usually not discussed there. It would be useful to provide a more comprehensive view on homeopathy for a wider professional public, students, doctors, and pharmacists. This article tries to do this to a limited extent.