Electrochemical Detection of mRNA Isolated from Plant Tissues Using Paramagnetic Microparticles

  • D. Húska Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
  • V. Adam Department of Animal Nutrition and Forage Production, Faculty of Agronomy, Mendel University, Brno,
  • L. Trnková Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno
  • R. Kizek Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,


The aim of this study was to utilize paramagnetic microparticles in isolation of mRNA using electrochemical detection. In this way mRNA from maize seedlings treated with a Cd(II) salt was isolated. The interaction of paramagnetic particles with synthetic oligo- and polynucleotides of various chain lengths was investigated. The average detection limits were 0.020−0.360 nM and the quantification limits 0.080−1.200 nM.

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