Polysacharidy jako stavební bloky hybridních kopolymerů

  • L. Loukotková Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR, v.v.i., Praha
  • M. Hrubý Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR, v.v.i., Praha
Klíčová slova: polysacharidy, hybridní polymery, glykokonjugáty, cílený transport léčiv


Hybrid copolymers combine the biopolymer properties (biodegrability, biocompatibility, specific interactions) with the tunable properties of the synthetic polymers (hydrophility vs. hydrophobicity, external stimulus responsivity, ionic character). Therefore, these polymers can be used for the preparation of material with desired properties, while it is necessary to take into account the synthetic, physical, physico-chemical, economic and application aspects of the materials used. This review article shows the preparation procedures of polymeric glycoconjugates and also their use in technical and biomedical applications.