Volba biokompatibilního polymeru: fyzikálně-chemické vlastnosti jako klíčový faktor k úvaze

  • M. Hrubý Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR, v.v.i., Praha
  • J. Pánek Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR, v.v.i., Praha
Klíčová slova: biokompatibilní polymer, roztokové chování, termoresponsivita, dopravní systémy pro léčiva


Water-soluble polymers, polymeric micelles and poly­meric and other nanoparticles coated with polymers are very often used in current biomedical research and applications. The key component of most of such systems is a biocompatible polymer on the surface of such objects, which overwhelmingly affects physico-chemical behavior, interaction with the biological environment (usually by limiting undesirable unspecific interactions) and thus the general usability of the entire system. This article presents a critical review of the physicochemical behavior of commonly used biocompatible polymers for the most effective choice for various biomedical applications.